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Qualitas Thorough Examinations combine the requirements of LOLER 98 & PUWER 98 to ensure your lifting equipment is inspected by a competent person.




The Qualitas Report

  • Qualitas Inspectors provide an independent view of your lifting equipment and produce a Thorough Examination report with full impartiality. (BS EN ISO/IEC 17020)
  • Our Thorough Examination reports are emailed to you immediately following the inspection and remain available to view on our Customer Portal.

Knowledge & Expertise

  • Qualitas is here to provide the specialist knowledge required to ensure your Mechanical Handling Equipment remains safe to use.
  • Qualitas Inspectors are qualified engineers specialising in Mechanical Handling Equipment.
  • Qualitas Inspectors are IOSH Trained and qualified.
  • Qualitas Inspector training includes a bespoke “Thorough Examination” training course
  • Qualitas has access to all the latest Safety & Technical information

What is “Thorough Examination”?

A thorough examination is a statutory inspection required under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

It is a safety check to identify if your lifting equipment is safe to use.

The thorough examination includes the inspection of the lifting parts of the equipment (LOLER 98, regulation 9) as well as inspection of other safety critical parts which are not directly part of the lifting mechanism (PUWER 98, regulation 6).

Reference BITA Guidance Note GN28.

Qualitas covers the entire UK and, along with our partners, we can provide thorough examinations wherever you are including UK islands and Northern Ireland

How can we help you?

To arrange an equipment inspection or to find out more about how Qualitas can keep your business compliant, contact us today!

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